They got the best of me

Stressin’ me, caressin’ me

Making me think that it’s okay but

I know that life is testin’ me

So heavy.

Blame you, blame me

At the end of the day it’s my sanity

I’m tryin to save it

Tryin to give it a name to it, label it

But it’s more complicated than that

Where’s God in this?

He’s here, in everything, like it’s Heaven sent

But sometimes I get lost in my own world

What a pessimist

No, a realist, that’s what I am

Or maybe, what I claim to be

But misery is the easy option

When your strength left with your sanity

There’s nights I sleep so peacefully

But those are rare, such a gift

Then there’s nights like this

Where words won’t let go

I’m not allowed to drift

Into my sea of darkness

My comfort, my sunken place

False joy

But I know it’s because I’ve seen the Light

And my soul wants me to go

To cling to the light, see the truth

Be the best version of me

To be free from worries, cares, or fears

No expectations

Just letting life


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