Reduced to Silence: Thank You

She reminded me of her. She was a stranger on a screen, but she reminded me of the one whose name I was given. As the scenes continued on and story progressed, I realized I was being reduced to silence. My thoughts are still loud and frequent, but my mouth has sealed shut from the gravity of it all.

She was an immigrant to a new country. She was learning a new language, new culture. She did everything to provide a better future for her children. She cleaned houses and businesses to make ends meet. She wrote. She wrote often.

It was like watching my grandmother on screen.

Sometimes I take my life and the luxuries afforded to me for granted. The youngest of my siblings and the only one born in the United States. My parents and family immigrated to this country. My father was active duty military and, due to deployments, was rarely home. My mother needed to take care of everything for the family in his absence. She worked odd jobs and any job. She went from being the supervisor at the bank in Samoa to working the graveyard shifts at the post office and going door-to-door selling Avon. My mom is a hustler. That drive must have come from her mother, my namesake.

Though there were significant differences in the movie in comparison to my own life, I couldn’t help but think of everything my grandmother and mother went through just to provide opportunities that were not available for them, for myself and my siblings. It’s humbling. It reminded me that to be still and do nothing is a waste of their efforts and my potential.

Faith in God and my Family are the two foundations I rely on the most. If I claim to love both, then I should be doing everything in my power to continuously build upon their foundations.

This was the perspective reset that I needed today. I need to remember this with each day that life brings. The time to trust in myself and my own capabilities is now.

Mama, I know you’re always with me. I know you’re guiding me. I know you walk with me through every step. Thank you. Thank you for everything. I won’t let you down.

Much love

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